Main activities


All of the 3 Components have planned the following project activities:

  • • Exchange of best practices and experience in the social protection field through the identification of possible relevant EU experience;
  • • Base-line study/situation analysis of existing progress and practices;
  • • Technical studies and research conducted by the EU and Chinese experts on introducing relevant EU experience/best practices;
  • • Well-focused study assignments to Europe for high level policy makers at both central and provincial levels to exchange and discuss with European policy makers on topics and themes related to the scope of the project;
  • • Specialized trainings in Europe for government officials responsible for initiating policy design;
  • • Seminars, workshops and conferences to present the outputs/suggestions of studies/research;
  • • Annual high level EU-China Round Tables on social protection;
  • • Piloting of project activities related to policy development at provincial level and stimulating replication of such pilot activities;
  • • Policy trainings on relevant subjects in China to enhance the institutional capacity both at central and local levels.