Component 2

Component 2 will support the Ministry of Finance (MoF) in enhancing institutional capacity for financial management and supervision concerning social security funds. The Component is coordinated by the Italian National Social Security Institute (INPS) and it aims to achieve the following results:

  • • The capacity of MoF financial management and supervision of central and local model of social security system and the extension of social security system coverage are enhanced, in particular in the fields of division of expenditure responsibilities, mid-terms budgeting of fund, and performance assessment model.
  • • Enhance the top level design ability in the basic pension insurance; establish actuarial analysis models for basic pension insurance reform.
  • • The capacity of the MoF in the management of social insurance funds, focusing on fiscal support budgeting, account system, investment techniques and adjustment mechanisms for pension benefits is strengthened.

These results will be achieved through the following topics:

  • • Division of decision power and expenditure responsibilities on social security between central and local government;
  • • Social security coverage on informal employment: methodologies and tools of analysis and management;
  • • Fiscal policies in support to social security, leverage among different financial sources and efficiency of fund use;
  • • An integrated system for the coordinated management of the social assistance system;
  • • Models for evaluating effects of social security policy implementation;
  • • Nominal personal account reform in the basic pension insurance system;
  • • Models and Methodologies for the Social and Economic sustainability analysis in social protection system; Mid-term budgeting of social security;
  • • Methodologies and Actuarial Models for pension insurance;
  • • Development of Old-age Services and Long Term Care System
  • • Investment strategies of social funds and risk control methodologies;
  • • Management of basic Pension Fund.


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