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Starts on:06/07/2019
Ends on:09/07/2019


From 6th to 9th July 2019, a high-level delegation from the Chinese Ministry of Finance (MoF), led by Mr. Fu Jinling, Director General of MoF Social Security Department, visited the Ministry of Labour and Social Justice in Romania and the Federal Public Service Social Security in Brussels. During the study visit the delegation had a comprehensive policy exchange with high level representatives from the two European governments on topics of adequacy and sustainability of pension systems in the context of demographic ageing; financial and social sustainability of the social protection system; governance; budgetary and actuarial planning on social assistance, employment and mobility policies; fraud in social security, etc.

In Bucharest, the delegation visited the Ministry of Labour and Social Justice, where they learned about the Romanian social protection system: social services, social benefits, employment, budgetary planning, etc.; the National Agency for Payments and Social Inspection (NAPSI), where they discussed the budgetary planning and social inspection procedures; the National House for Public Pensions (NHPP), where they had exchanges on topics of pension system organization, functioning, and reform. Finally, they visited the Pasarea Monastery where they could have a firsthand experience on the provision of services for elderly care and measures to combat old-age poverty.

In Brussels, the delegation was received by the Federal Public Service Social Security, where they had an exchange on: 1) the challenges of social security financing, addressing the topics of sustainability of pensions in the context of demographic ageing and modeling the long-term sustainability of social protection; 2) social security financing in Belgium, discussing the topics of managing the collection of mandatory social security contributions in Belgium and social security compliance and fraud.

Overall, the study visit was a successful policy dialogue experience of mutual learning and exchanging practices among European countries and China.